The Coding Specialist   

The Coding Specialist is on charge of assign a numerical code to the different medical conditions that the MD documented in the chart of the patient, in order to prepare the bill that will be sent to the Health Plan,and based on proper rules and guidelines 

These videos will help us to understand some aspects  of the career and duties of the Coding field, to access make click on the links  

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Coders 

The Medical Coding Job 


Medical Terminology and Coding Quizzes

The following Quizzes were  prepared using  different formats as Multiple Choice,True/False, Fill in the blanks, and others,all the tests are time based and password protected. 

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Quarter I.Coding I

Medical Terminology Quizzes



ICD9 Coding I Quizzes.Level Medium

  • Medical Coding           Quiz 1 
  • Medical Coding           Quiz 4 
  • Medical Coding           Quiz 7 

ICD9 Coding I Quizzes.Level Advanced

Quarter II. Coding II
  • Medical Coding              Quiz 1  
  • Medical Coding                  Quiz4
  • Medical Coding             Quiz 7

Quarter III. Coding III

  • Medical Coding          
  • Quiz 1
  • Medical Coding                 Quiz 7